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Royal Pains Trades in The Hamptons For Puerto Rico

On tonight’s episode of Royal Pains, there will still be plenty of seascapes, but instead of the usual Hamptons setting, Hank Med find themselves in Cuba after Boris’ health takes a turn for the worse.

This two-part episode was actually filmed in Puerto Rico which filled in for Cuba but the show’s star, Mark Feuerstein says the exotic locale was instrumental in keeping the summer-set show on schedule after USA ordered 18 episodes for Season 2.

“To have good weather consistently in New York for six months is a great challenge, so we had to start shooting when there were no leaves on the trees in New York,” he explained. “We literally jumped into our second season by shooting episodes 4 and 5 first, and in Puerto Rico. It was chaotic to say the least, for the writers and the actors to dive in headlong into the middle and in another city.”

But, the change of locale wasn’t just a stunt or a sign that the show is slowing down. “I think for a show that was less sure of itself, this could be a sign that, ‘Oy, they’re already jumping the shark. They’re already trying to find a way to make it more interesting because they’ve exhausted everything in their hometown. They need to go to Cuba to change it up,'” Feuerstein says. “It’s quite the opposite … There’s an incredible storyline that leads us to Cuba and it all ties in beautifully with the life that’s going on back in the Hamptons.”

Thursday’s episode will also include cameos by Ugly Betty’s Tony Plana and Ana de la Reguera. The two add to the already impressive guest list this season, including Henry Winkler and Marcia Guy Harden.

Check out Royal Pains Thursday nights at 10 pm on USA.

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